At California Addiction Treatment, we adhere strictly to our mission of providing quality addiction and mental health treatment that sets the highest standard. We continuously strive to exceed our patient’s expectations through continuous, honest feedback and obsessive improvement.

The client experience is prioritized above our own. We commit to being uncompromising in our ethical treatment of both our patients and staff. Our goal is to offer a better treatment approach that is attainable for all individuals suffering from addiction and/or mental health conditions.

75% of our staff are actively in recovery, we consider our team a reflection of the results we provide. Our team is active in seeking treatment excellence by utilizing the latest in education resources and pursuing constant feedback. We provide our addiction treatment professionals with all the resources necessary to set the highest standard of care.


At California Addiction Treatment, we don’t just subscribe to the latest in addiction treatment. We innovate, and we provide THE example to follow.

“At California Addiction Treatment, you’re our success story” Finding support in the addiction treatment continuum of care is a difficult process. That’s why we have aptly named our business “California Addiction Treatment.” We are here to give you the support you need to succeed, no matter where you are in your recovery journey.

Our Team
at California Addiction Treatment

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